Benefits of Content Syndication – Step by Step Guide to Syndicating Content

Benefits of Content Syndication Guide to Syndicating Content

Content Syndication is a highly effective method of republishing contents on other sites as well as on other blogs of the same website to reach a broader audience. When content syndication is done on other websites, it improves brand awareness and increases your reach. It also builds links that ultimately drive more traffic to the website.

Why Content Syndication is important?

You might have seen syndicated content on most of the influential websites such as CNN, The Times Of India, The Huffington Post, etc. Content Syndication isn’t about SEO, but a great Content Marketing tactic as it aims at the marketing.

What are the advantages of Content Syndication?

It can help you generate brand awareness, traffic, drive more sales leads, etc. Let’s check out the advantages of using content syndication:

  • It increases online presence – It makes your brand more visible and accessible digitally.
  • It drives enough traffic to your website – brand awareness is directly related to traffic, more traffic more brand awareness.
  • It allows you to reach an even wider audience.
  • It is easier to generate high-quality leads by distributing your content to a wide range of audience.

How to do content syndication?

  • Syndicate your best performing contents on platforms like LinkedIn and Medium.
  • You can republish your best performing or latest contents on bigger websites with more readers and higher authority.
  • Syndicate your old contents on those websites that have the same reader base and authority as yours.
  • If you can spend money, try Outbrain or Taboola to get your content on major publications.

Content Syndication can also be done in two other ways:


When you turn your article into a new format; video or podcast, it is called reformatting. You can reach a wider audience of people who prefer to watch and listen. To syndicate, you can post videos to Facebook, Youtube, and podcast to Soundcloud, Spotify, etc.


Splintering is a great tactic with the help of which you can get even more traffic from your splintered content. Content Splintering can be done in the three-step process viz; Ideation, Production, and Splintering.

Final Conclusion:

You spent so much time creating great content. Never neglect the content after hitting publish. Use content syndication to reach a new audience and build your brand awareness.

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