Duplicate Content: How to Solve – The Complete Guide

How to solve Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content is one of the major issues whether offsite or onsite can damage all your SEO efforts and hurt the ranking of a webpage. It means the same content appears at multiple URLs on the web. This article will help you the cause of Duplicate content and how to solve it.

Types of duplicate content

Onsite duplication: It happens when the same content is found in two or more unique URLs. This is the issue that can be controlled by site admin or web development team.
Offsite duplication: Offsite duplication happens when two more sites publish the same content. It cannot be controlled by the site admin. Mostly this is done by third parties or owners of the offending websites.

Duplicate Content – A danger to SEO

Technically, it is bad for SEO. Google loves unique content and is the best way to describe your product or services. As inbound links are a ranking factor, this can impact the search visibility of a piece of content. Also, site owners suffer a drop in ranking and traffic loss.

Content Scrapers and Thieves – One of the biggest offenders in duplicate content creation

Content Scrapers and thieves are one of the major offenders who grab contents from other websites and publish them on their own. This is a highly unethical way they do to generate traffic for their website using your content. All you can do is to submit a copyright infringement report to Google. If you use WordPress, you can install WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click plugin.

How to fix duplicate content issues

301 Redirecting duplicate content

This is the best way to combat the issue. All you need is to set up 301 redirects from the duplicate page to your original page. Make sure to redirect all the duplicate content URLs to the proper canonical URLs.

Using rel=canonical attribute

The rel=canonical attribute can be placed in the of your site. It looks like this:
Place the correct canonical URL for your article in the href section of the canonical link.

Adding a link back to the original article

If you are republishing your content on web 2.0 in an intent to create backlink, you have no control over the , linking back is the best idea. If Google finds several links pointing to your original article, it will acknowledge your content as the actual canonical version.

Final Conclusion

You can find duplicate contents everywhere, it is fixable and should be fixed. You constantly need to search for duplicate URLs and fix it asap. Just focus on writing good quality unique contents by getting rid of duplicate contents.

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