What is Google Knowledge Graph | How to use in SEO

Google Knowledge Graph for SEO

The Google Knowledge Graph is the system that Google launched in May 2012. It is basically a knowledge base of entities and the relationships between them. In general, Google Knowledge Graph is a positive thing for both users and SEOs. It has direct co-relation with SEO. If users get more relevant information about a topic, means more traffic to a website that have deserving content.

How does Google Knowledge Graph infleunce Search and SEO?

Knowledge Graph allow Google to go beyond keyword matching and return more relevant results.

For example, take a query: green humanoid alien with lightsaber

green humanoid alien with lightsaber

You can see, we didn’t even mention the name of the movie – “Star Wars”, Google still understand what we are looking for and give us the answer.

The next query when we searched “Tom Cruise Movies”

tom cruise movie list keyword

You can see, the results are not onlly relevant, but also shows connection in the knowledge graph.

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Google Knowledge Grapgh Improves Brand Visibility & Authority

For search query: “When Amazon was founded”

knowledge grapgh when amazon was founded

If you get your brand in knowledge grapgh, you will benefit from more SERP, visibility, and possibly even authority and trust amongst searchers.

amazon knowledge graph

Google answer more queries directly in the SERP. Just look at the query: “what is electronic business”

what is electronic business knowledge graph

From the screenshot given above, you can see, Google shows a Knowledge Panel with data from the Knowledge Graph.

How to improve SEO to get in Google Knowledge Grapgh?

  • Improve the PR (Page Rank) and Link Building of your website.
  • Schema.org is the officially recommended markup for structured data. So, use it.
  • If you operate a physical business, creating a Google My Business profile is a must.
  • If you don’t yet have any Wikimedia presence, create a wikidata.org entry.
  • Create your own Wikipedia page.

The best way to provide more appropriate data to Google from your blog is to be consistent in publishing content. Altogether, you need to publish regularly. To get the best out of the Google Knowledge Graph, your goal should be balance content, social and SEO.

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