How to start your career as a Professional Blogger in 2021 | Easy Guide Turning Blogging Hobby into a Job

Career as a Professional Blogger

Are you fond of writing blogs as a part-time hobby? It’s time to take it to the next level and turning blogging hobby into a job. Here is the ultimate guide to starting your career as a professional blogger in 2021. The power of digital communication has paved the way the ability to post almost anything online. With blogging as a career, you can start your own business.

You will feel like a boss is a professional blogger with flexible schedules. All you need is a Laptop and Internet Connection. Sounds so cool! Right?

If you are thinking to make blogging as a career, then read the easy guide turning blogging hobby into a job and to be a professional blogger.

Being a professional blogger is a great thing.

Aspiring writers, photographers, graphic designers, web developers, etc., who want to turn their ideas into reality in the form of a blog, you have the freedom to start your business from our own home.

Create a blog and join the blogging community

Set up your blog and go ahead with the guide.

  • Choose a good blogging platform like WordPress. In our opinion, WordPress is the most flexible with lots of options.
  • Buy a custom domain from domain registrars like GoDaddy, HostGator, etc.
  • Choose a web host for your blog. Examples: Bluehost, GoDaddy, HostGator, etc.
  • Select a theme of your choice for your blog.
  • Search for the useful resources for your blog.

Develop your skills to become a successful blogger

There are some essential skills you need to develop such as; SEO & Research, Writing – Grammar & Spelling, Marketing. Other skills include; Patience, Motivation, Communication, Organisational skills. You also need to ensure writing optimized SEO friendly contents , you also need to improve your marketing strategy.

Be consistent in publishing new contents

Dreaming to become a professional blogger and start earning without consistency is just a waste of time. To establish your website as a brand and to become a pro blogger, be consistent in publishing new contents. Always avoid the SEO mistakes that can ultimately ruin your career in blogging.

Stay updated with Google algorithms

Google changes its algorithm from time to time. You need to stay updated on what is happening in your domain. You also need to enhance your ability to adapt to the changes. Apart from that, also focus on building your brand, loyal readership and professional relationships with other bloggers.

Forget about Blackhat SEO tactics – Never try

Although Blackhat SEO tactics may give you results and success in a short period, in a long run, they may be detrimental for you. One day Google’s Penguin will catch you and make your website blacklisted. Blackhat SEO tactics include; private blog networks, spam link building, article spinning, etc. Remember, there are no shortcuts, you must work hard to get results and that will help you to achieve your target one day.

Final Conclusion

Many people are still unaware of blogging is as a career option. To become a professional with good earning, you need to realise your capabilities and knowledge on the market trends, news, etc. Also, you need to continue to work hard on your skills, keep up with the latest trends.

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