Long-Tail Keywords: How To Use To Drive Huge Traffic

Long Tail Keywords How to drive traffic to website

If you are facing difficulties in ranking high competition keywords, using Long-Tail Keywords can be the key factor in driving huge traffic to your website. You should care about Long-Tail Keywords because it can dramatically improve traffic, ranking, and ultimately increase revenue for your business. It is a great SEO tactic as the keyphrases are more specific and usually longer than more commonly used keywords.

What are Long-Tail Keywords?

In general, Long-Tail Keywords are unpopular with low search volume but are highly focused searched queries. Interestingly, you should know that majority of Google searches are very specific and unpopular keywords.

The easiest to find the range of long-tail keywords, take a broad topic and begin typing into Google. The Google autocomplete suggestions will look like this:

best mobile phones long tail keywords

Searches related to best mobile phones in the USA, area at the bottom of the search results. These are more specific and less popular searches related to the overall topic.

search related keywords

Collecting these keywords manually from Google search may be time-consuming, but this strategy will help you find thousands of juicy long-tail keywords in a matter of seconds.

Long-tail keywords should be a part of your SEO content strategy

Suppose that, you take a keyphrase: What is the best tablets under $300. You can use it as the title and main topic for a highly targeted blog post or article.

best tablets long tail keyword 1

Other than that you can also use any of the autocomplete suggestions as per your convenience.

Here is the list of top-ranking pages. You need to target the head term with long-tail variations and drive huge traffic to your website.

top ranking pages tablets usa

As a matter of fact, you could maximise your chances of ranking for as many long-tail variations as possible to collect tons of traffic. But make sure to write a well-optimized page content.

Why should you focus on long-tail keywords?

It is easier to rank for long-tail keyphrases rather than more common keywords because there are few websites that compete for high competition keywords in the result page of Google. For your blog to appear higher on search results, focus on the uniqueness of your product or blog, take your time and write good content.

  • Understand the need of your audience.
  • Some markets are highly competitive, use words that your target audience use.
  • Use your mission and focus on your SEO strategy.
  • Write awesome content making your website rank for a specific term.
  • Steal keywords from your competitors.
  • Use Google Keyword Planner tool to get keywords as per your niche.

Final Conclusion

Q&A sites can be good places to find a set of awesome long-tail keywords. All you need to do is to improve your SEO strategy to get the best results. Define your mission and start writing good content. Meanwhile, you can check; SEO Keyword Research – The Ultimate Guide to improve website traffic.

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