Most Common SEO Mistakes that can destroy your website

Top Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Internet is a very scary world, and you need to be very careful. There are certain SEO mistakes that can completely destroy your website. You must avoid being a victim of the numerous SEO mistakes. Some common mistakes of any website are; defective management of site links, short content blogs, poorly written blog contents, missed title tags or meta descriptions, and slow speed of website, etc.

Let us check out the most common SEO mistakes and how to solve it

Poor Content Quality Won’t Rank Your Site Higher in SERP

It is well said, “Content Is The King!”, and if you are not well optimizing your blog contents or the content quality is very poor, or copying contents from somewhere else, just forget your website would rank higher in SERP. If you are unable to write high quality contents, hire a professional copywriter from a authorized site. Please Note: You need to get rid of your poorly written content.

Do proper keyword research according to your niche – if not it’s a bad practice

If you are not doing proper keyword research as per your niche, it is surely a bad practice and you must avoid that. Some other SEO mistakes can also hamper the growth of your website. Altogether, it is a bad management practice. Your website may also witness increase in bounce rate due to not choosing the keywords as per your selected niche. The good practice is to search and discover your niche, use keyword planner to select target oriented keywords. You can also visit: SEO Keyword Research – The Ultimate Guide to improve website traffic to understand better.

Avoid optimizing wrong keywords, it will never give you results

You must avoid optimizing wrong keywords, as it may lead to misinformation and you may fall into another activity profile. Let’s say you have a website about clothes for men and women and are writing a content about “Where to buy best clothes in New York”. On the other hand you find a news about clothes for dogs and wish to write “Where to buy best clothes for dogs”, in that context, your audience would not be interested.

Do proper keyword research and make sure they are relevant. Optimizing keywords for wrong keywords will only give you less traffic.

Avoid Using Similar Content in the META Tags as Google loves uniqueness

Avoid the SEO mistakes of using similar content in the META Tags. If you are using the same keyword in tags like meta titles, meta descriptions, and even meta keywords, Google might not show the result you want for that query as Google loves uniqueness.

Always include Missing Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Before posting your blog content, never forget to fill up the missing title tags and meta description. You may loose traffic and ranking if you won’t optimize the two elements. For open content management systems like WordPress, you can use Yoast help you to optimize your content better.

Missing Alt Description for Image Optimization

You may loose substaintial traffic if you do not have alt descriptions for images. Image search give lot of traffic as they are visually more attractive. If your image is properly optimized, your website could have higher visibility than the content.

Leaving Long Tail Keywords and optimizing only Short Tail won’t bring you traffic

Please note, there are two types of keywords viz., short tail and long tail. Long tail keywords are search specific and have less competition. Optimizing both short tail and long tail can bring your website substantial amount of traffic. You might not get the traffic you want of you are only optimizing just for short tail keywords. You must avoid doing the SEO Mistakes.

Final Conclusion:

Many of us do SEO Mistakes, it happens and there is nothing to worry. Make sure to rectify the above mentioned mistakes before it is too late. beating your competitors and ranking high on the search engine is a tough job. But, consistent effort surely works.

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