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Website optimization tips for better SEO and boost traffic Anjlitech

Traffic denotes how much popular is a website. More traffic give rise to more revenue. Website optimization tips are a a must for better SEO so that your website can rank high on the search engines. For WordPress there are so many plugins available but how you optimise and how you are using keywords, description, meta tags, etc, there are certain things to remember.

There are many websites I have seen, despite having so many blogs or articles, they still strive to get enough traffic. Let me explain few easy SEO Tips with the help of which you can easily optimise your website and boost traffic.

Use long tail keywords

On my next blog I will teach you how to select the best keywords from Google Keyword Planner Tool. Usually long tail keywords comprise of 3-4 keywords. Using long tail keywords have some specific advantages, check below:

  1. Long tail keywords are more specific, it means less people search. So, it is easier to rank.

Let us take a keyword, “online business” and see how many people are searching.

online business keyword

Instead of that when i entered the long tail keyword, “how to grow your online business”, check out how many people are searching.

how to grow your online business keyword

Final conclusion: Less search, low competition, you can easily rank high.

  1. Most people usually use short keywords. For example, online shopping. They use to search their required products on the websites that come on the first page search result. Then they go for long tail where they get what they actually search for. So, long tail keywords are more specific that can give you more and more traffic.
  2. Also, long tail keywords helps you target a very specific group of people who are interested in your products & services. Hence, it can improve ranking.

What is On-Page SEO, website optimization tips, and how it helps to improve website traffic?

What is On Page SEO and how it helps to improve website traffic

On-Page SEO means making a website more search engine friendly. If you are willing to get tons and tons of website traffic, these tips can surely help you. The website optimization tips are surely going to help you.

Write Title tags in such a way that looks compelling

Make sure every page should have a unique keyword. Don’t forget to include that keyword in the title of the page. It would be better if you use the keyword as early on in the Page Title.
Please Note: Title Tag is the line or phrase that Google displays in its search results page. Make sure your Page Titles enticing & exciting and not boring.

Include targeted keyword in the description

If you are using WordPress with Yoast SEO Plugin, on the description box, make sure to include the targeted keyword within the character limit 160. website optimization tips, Include the keyword with the the Title to form meaningful sentences with the help of colons (:) and hyphens (-).

Create SEO friendly URLs

Make sure the URLs are clean and avoid using lots of parameters. It should indicate the content be be found on the page. Actually, along with page Title & Description, the your page URLs are displayed in the search results.

Use Image Alt Tags

After uploading images, make sure to add image title along with image description and tags. After posting also add post link to the image uploaded. This helps in deep indexing of the web page along with image indexing on search results.

Link Internally

Along with creating backlinks (website optimization tips) for your website, it is very important to link internally. It add more values to those pages. Also, it helps in reducing the bounce rate. Moreover, internal links increase page view. Also search engines can better crawl your site and index it more efficiently.

Make your website as light as possible

mobile friendly websites

Heavy websites take a lot of time to load. It not only increases bounce rate but also reduce traffic to a great extent. Use optimized images, compress your website. Better use a fast loading WordPress theme. Personally, I love themes by MyThemeShop. There are lots of plugns available that can improve website load time and optimize images. Make sure to use a mobile friendly theme, else you can hire a developer to create a mobile friendly theme for you that can lot fast for mobile users.

Final Conclusion:

Some of the website optimization tips I have mentioned are easy to implement, and if you are a newbie, no worry, practice can make you perfect. Moreover, when you are writing a blog post, make long form. It would be great if you share and share me your feedback on the comment section. On my coming articles, I am going to share lot more tips and tricks.

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