What are Rich Snippets? Why it is important for SEO?

Rich Snippets How to Create For SEO

Rich Snippets is the result Google search results with additional informative data that have a higher click through rate. It also provide users extra information in the form of videos, images, ratings, FAQs etc. It is a very important part of SEO, and in this article you will learn about how to get it.

Suppose we type “Best Laptops”, we see rich snippets like this:

Why Rich Snippets are important for SEO?

Rich Snippets look much more appealing than normal snippets. It include include reviews, recipes and events.

  • It can lead to a higher organic CTR as the snippets results are more eye-catching than normal search results.
  • It help make your webpages look more alluring in the search results.
  • You can use schema markup to its full potential.
  • Rich snippets make your website search friendly.
  • It give relevance to your content – with the right code structure any website can get it.

How to get Rich Snippets? Different factors involved in implementing.

First of all, you need to decide the type of snippet that your webpage would show on Google search results. Let’s take a look at the types:


review rich snippet


organization rich snippet

Product Markup

product markup rich snippet


music rich snippet


Events Rich Snippet


prices rich snippet


images rich snippet


videos rich snippet

FAQ Schema

faq rich snippet

Once you select the type of snippet, you need to implement the structured data.

Schema.org – The most popular portal for writing structured data

Schema.org is the most popular portal for writing structured data and is supported by major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Yandex.

Let say, you own an Organisation, you can markup your content within the HTML, click on the Organization Tab.

If you are using CMS like WordPress, make sure to follow the following steps:
  • Make sure your webpage content meets Google Guidelines. Identify the questions and answers you want to show in FAQ section.
  • Using Matthew Woodward’s FAQ Schema Generator, prepare the JSON-LD format.
  • Next step is to copy the entire script and paste in Appearance > functions.php.
  • Through the WordPress Editor, make sure to put the FAQ section in your main content.

Make sure your Structured Data is setup correctly.

Other than that, there are plenty of Plugins available on WordPress to add to add your Structured Data Markup.

schema structured data wordpress plugin

Google Structured Data Testing Tool is an awesome tool to check whether your Structured Data is setup correctly.

Finally submit a crawl request on Google Search Console.

To crawl the page at the earliest, go to Google Search Console, enter the URL on “URL inspection box” and then click on “Request Indexing”.

Also, follow the Google Guidelines:

google structured data guidelines

Final Conclusion:

It is very essential to understand how Google Knowledge Graph works, and implementing rich snippets in the right way can do wonder to get more attention and clicks. For particular types of content, you can get rich results.

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